Enterprise Week

Just thought it would be good to post to the blog what I have been working on recently.
In September I pitched to design the graphic identity for ECCA’s Enterprise Week 2010 event as part of the Make Money from your Creativity programme. I was picked to produce the promotional material for the five day event.
I was responsible for generating the identity and concept for Enterprise Week, and then produce the posters, programme and online material. I spent a couple of months designing but also dealing with and budgeting for the printers. I was asked to stay on for a few more weeks to help with the Creative Enterprise Awards 2010. I was given a budget to decorate the awards venue and design some promotional posters to direct people to the venue. Overall it was an amazing experience to be a part of, and it was great to be managing a project myself, and develop something right from the concept to the realisation.




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DPS post


Just thought I’d let people know what I’ve been up to over the summer so far. After finishing at Vivid Brand in Holborn I moved to the Financial Times for a month, where I was mostly mocking up spreads. It was nice to be able to see some of the work actually go to print to be used in their magazine, “How To Spend It”, and to see how the parts of a publication go from conception to completion.

I then moved on to Bunch, where I had already been earlier on in the year. My initial placement was only two weeks, but i was asked back for a longer three month spell. I ended up working there with Randy Yeo and Andy McGarity which was pretty fun. We worked on a varied range of different projects, and it was a great experience. It really helped me to continue to learn HTML and CSS. The three months flew by and suddenly it was July.

I applied to four23 in Manchester as they run an internship scheme, and was invited to go up for a couple of weeks which was cool. They did some really nice work for Adidas Originals which is how I found them in the first place. They weren’t able to offer me any money for travel up to Manchester though, so I told them I’d hold off on coming up until next year.

I am now working at Dorling Kindersley, and have had a nice mix of information design work, mocking up spreads, and making dummy books… It was initially supposed to be three weeks but we’ve all been asked to stay on – it’s the fourth week now, and there’s talk about a fifth but I’ll have to pass on that as we’re back at uni next week.

I’ve also been doing some self initiated work and I’ve had some freelance projects on the go too – some are good, but others, not so much… I don’t really know where the summer has gone!

Anyway, I’ll probably see you all on Thursday.


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Hello, bonjour, hola, konnichi wa …!

Not much has changed since my last update. Worked on a freelance job which almost killed me and wasn’t very rewarding, but it’s all part of the experience and leads me closer to knowing what I don’t want to do! I’m also working part time in catering to make up for the pay at my placement and as always it’s a massive struggle juggling all of these things but I’d much rather be busy so it keeps me on my toes.

One more week at DK and then back to the real world of uni; dissertations and all! Quite enjoying my time there, it’s either manically busy or mind numbingly slow but I’m really enjoying working with other students for a change and not being the only intern in the office. It seems we’re getting a fair share of design work there as well as lots of cutting and pasting.

That’s all for now. Bring on 3rd year…looking forward to seeing you all on thurs.

Lucia x

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The final weeks continued…

Ooops…pressed send too early.

Good luck to everyone in our final year, hope we will all do well and we can get somewhere in the industry with everything we have learnt from the year out- so rewarding!!

See ya.

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The final weeks!

The final weeks are creeping up and soon we will be fully fledged university students again but I have been making the most of these last few weeks doing my final placement. I am working at Why Not Associates and have been for the last week until we go back to uni. So far I have been helping on a title sequence for a programme for the BBC called Episodes with Matt LeBlanc, helping with exhibition graphics for the Gauguin exhibition at the TATE modern and also been helping on a year book for the head of channel four who is leaving-so a variety of things so far. As Why Not deals with such a broad range of graphic design, I have realised through this and talking to people here that skills in all media especially moving image are so important if you want to make it in a multi-discerplinary company. I realised that I would like to pursue working within a company like Why Nots as there is always something different and it is more challenging then just working within a magazine or something. BUT need to learn after effects and dreamweaver!!

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deja vu

Hello again!

Well I’m back in London and have found myself working at the design studio in Brighton again, although under new management the company is now called Helen Joubert Design. I’m really excited to be working on a live project in which I’m designing a book cover for young people that are about to leave care (ie. foster/adoptive families) The client has been really pleased with my work and there is talk of taking me on freelance for the next two books in the series…Oooer.

I’ve also been back to Dare Digital to talk about possible placements in October and job opportunities at the end of final year. It was really helpful talking over my improved portfolio and all the work I did in New York. Since my meeting with them I’ve been offered a place working for Dorling Kindersley for three weeks towards the end of September which is good too – hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet other interns which I haven’t done so far.

Other than that, I’ve had another interview to do some work for the NHS. After going over my portfolio it was thought that maybe my style wasn’t quite what they were looking for, but great interview experience and it’s funny the way I keep finding myself back in the voluntary sector!

Other than that I’m just planning for carnival weekend, woop woop! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying our last few weeks of ‘freedom’. Can’t wait to see you all in September.

TTFN. Lucia x

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Flanagan – Miami Placement

So Ive been in Miami a couple of weeks now and Im working with an illustrator out here on a collaborative project ending with an exhibition here before i return home for final year. The studio space is really cool its part of a group of studios under the umbrella of the south florida art centre, residents include painters, sculptors, designers, illustrators, photographers, film makers, printmakers, and performers. Matu, LCC Illustration graduate in 2004, has a studio that is split into an exhibition space and a working space, at the moment he is working on a set of three large scale drawings focussing on a supernova and the dialogue between destruction and beginning of new things. There is a Printmaking and Photographic Studio and we have been doing lots of interesting work and of course im having a lot of fun too.


Ive started a couple of projects for final year and we have an exhibition of the work were doing in 2 weeks so i need to really get moving towards something for the show. We’ve been looking at significant events that have happened ( everyday since I arrived) eg. august 12th soviets tested there first nuclear weapon, august 13th the people of berlin woke up to a city divided etc. Then going through these to find a significant and interesting event that people dont really know much about or has a significant back story that remains untold. In short were doing a lot of research to find interesting and true stories.

After exploring the most important or interesting events over a five day period in a variety of ways I have then selected a few events which i have particularly grabbed me during my research and have set about exploring these visually and in depth.

We’ve also been doing quick collage workshops for 20-30 minutes everyday which has been interesting, sometimes the collages relate to the research and others dont but its a good excercise to remain visual when conducting quite text heavy research.

Ive also been working on some moving image animations stuff mostly trying to develop teqnique with experiments rather than to convey narrative. I saw this ( http://www.aniceideaeveryday.com/video/blue-roses/ ) amazing video on ItsNiceThat a while ago and it has inspired these experiments.

You can follow the full Story here at http://rflanagan.co.uk/ongoing/blog/
Hope your all having lots of fun, see you in final year very soon.

Flan x

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